Our Vision

We are committed to the development of Futsal and Football and will look to lead the way in performance and player development. At Escolla, we strive to develop & maintain a clear player development programme that links Futsal into Football in the quest to produce intelligent players of the future. 

Escolla are committed to providing players and coaches with an understanding on how Futsal principles can be integrated into a Football development programme. Highlighting the progression from 5 a side to 11 a side, our methodology can be transferred to all phases in a player development programme. 

At Escolla we facilitate the understanding of Why, When and How to develop a Transition of Futsal into Football – both with Escolla players and all Coaches that we work with.

How we Coach

We see coaching as a form of teaching as it primarily involves communicating, learning and maintaining positive relationships with those being taught.

When you emphasize the importance of education and behavior, coaches are able to develop players to the best of their ability, focus on educating and equipping individuals for life, teaching sportsmanship and respect for all.

With the Escolla Co-Founders being originally from Brazil, Escolla uses a Brazilian methodology to it’s coaching which our coaches combine with UEFA and FA qualifications to produce a contemporary approach to futsal and football coaching.

How We Play

At Escolla, we see football as the big puzzle and the training sessions are the small pieces. In the midst of endless discussion over formations and systems, football is essentially still a simple game, however, it is in danger of being over complicated by many.

Our playing philosophy is built upon possession style for offensive and defensive purposes. In our development programme we believe all activities must include the ball in order to achieve a desired outcome. Our style relies on aiming to take control of the match by having more possession than the opposition, both in offensive & defensive phases of play.

Our learning process is based on possession and a progressive development that starts from the 5-A-SIDE games (FUTSAL) and progressing to 11-A-SIDE games depending on the age groups.