Our Philosophy

At Escolla, every individual is a priority. We take pride in our holistic approach which we see as paramount in any educational environment. Whilst our field is sport, the educational and core life values that provide the backbone to our programme allow individuals to develop not just in sport, but as people.

The Escolla name derives from the Portuguese word for ‘school’ and, at Escolla, we emphasise the importance of education. Whilst our research and coaching methods focus on developing players to the best of their ability, we work with every individual to ensure that their education is not forgotten. All of our coaches focus their attentions on educating and equipping individuals for life. It is our focus to provide each player with key values and principles that they can take with them in every walk of life.

Every player that we work with is different, and as coaches it is our responsibility to ensure that such differentiation is understood. All individuals derive from different backgrounds, with different needs; develop at different paces and have different dreams for the future, and therefore we believe, that values should come first.

By placing high emphasis on education, at Escolla, players remember the importance of achieving in sport whilst still achieving in school.


At Escolla, our methodology centres on coaching Futsal as a sport and facilitator when transitioning to football. From extensive research into player development, we see Futsal as an imperative ingredient when developing youth players and our experienced coaches work with players in both futsal and football for a holistic approach to player development.

Our Vision

Our Vision is “To be recognized as a leader in futsal coaching whilst maintaining our values of achievement, education and personal development”

We will strive to develop & maintain a clear coach education programme for Futsal in the quest to produce high quality coaches and high quality players.

The Escolla Team is commited to develop the sport of Futsal locally, regionally, and nationally in various ways. By providing youth Futsal in schools, at grass roots level and through the Escolla Development Programme.

Escolla Co-Founders

Rodrigo Sousa


Gilberto Damiano


With the Escolla Co-Founders being originally from Brazil, Escolla uses a Brazilian methodology to it’s coaching which our coaches combine with UEFA and FA qualifications to produce a contemporary approach to futsal and football coaching.

Our coaches come from a sport and education background and are qualified in both Futsal and Football. Escolla coaches work under the Escolla Philosophy and Curriculum and are directed by the Vision, Values and Principles of the Escolla programme.

We see coaching as a form of teaching as it primarily involves communicating, learning and maintaining positive relationships with those being taught.

When you emphasize the importance of education and behavior, coaches are able to develop players to the best of their ability, focus on educating and equipping individuals for life, teaching sportsmanship and respect for all.


All Escolla players are reminded of the importance of their education and we work with each player on our definition of success in both education and sport. Rather than focusing on the end result, we remind players that success is making the effort to do your best for which you are capable, and this remains our success motto. Within this ethos, students see the importance of learning and the importance of character.


At Escolla we promote the value of competition and educate individuals on the art of competing. From showing discipline and dedication in training to respect and integrity in competition, players are taught the importance of losing with grace and winning with modesty. If the right principles are in place, we see competition as an extremely important life lesson.

At Escolla, we are a team, and each player is part of that team. Whilst developing each player individually, the focus on working as a group enables players to learn the importance of team skills and working together to achieve.


We work closely with each and every family to ensure that the needs of the respective individual are met so that each player has the maximum opportunity to reach their potential. This relationship allows for understanding and enhances the personal development process.

Your Rights at Escolla

At Escolla, we see it as imperative for every player to understand their rights as an Escolla player.

We present these rights to every Escolla member upon joining Escolla Futsal.

  • I have the the right to have fun, play and enjoy myself.
  • I have the right to train in a safe and healthy environment.
  • I have the right to be coached by qualified professionals.
  • I have the right to receive age-appropriate training that is tailored to my needs.
  • I have the right to train with players of a similar ability or age.
  • I have the right to be free from pressure and to be encouraged by my parents and by my coach.
  • I have the right to understand that success is trying my best.